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our social spin on experiential marketing. is that a selfie ball?

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built for the best.

over 3000 brands + agencies use hypno to shoot + share experiential content around the world.

"the hypno eye puts the social media experience directly into your hands."

— digital marketing news

elevate your experiences.

make social content more social with the world's only selfie ball.

hypno eye

content fun for everyone
from $3999

  • included
  • minimal hardware + software
  • shoot branded videos and gifs
  • share instantly via QR codes
  • style your event galleries
  • add special effects
  • use campaign music
  • capture contact data + permissions
  • next-day setup (new york +  los angeles)
  • details
  • 12" selfie ball
  • 8-hour battery power
  • site producer required
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