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hypno captures fast branded content that people love to share. available worldwide.

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our instant cameras mix your photos + videos with branding, effects and music... just like your campaign.

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over 3000 brands use hypno to elevate their events + experiences.

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add branding, effects and music... instantly.

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fast branded photos
from $2999/day plus upgrades

lifestyle photography experience

fast branded photos

zero footprint

available worldwide



your new look photo booth

from $3499/day plus upgrades

sleekest booth experience

fast branded photos + videos + gifs

4x4 footprint

available worldwide



selfie fun for everyone
from $3999/day plus  upgrades

social video experience

fast branded videos  + gifs

zero footprint

available worldwide



luxury video experiences
from $9999/day plus upgrades

VIP video experience

fast branded videos

8x8 footprint

available worldwide



all our products include the software features you need.
upgrade for custom creative + production services.

  • included
  • fast content
  • instant delivery
  • branded gallery
  • data capture
  • custom legal
  • live support
  • live dashboard
  • upgrades
  • filters
  • graphics
  • new!  ai effects
  • music
  • printing
  • displays
  • production
  • installation
  • staffing
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